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About the blog

I had always wanted to have a personal blog ever since I was in senior high school. I like the idea of documenting my experiences into writing and thus I can easily reflect and learn from the past. Besides, I also hope this blog can help and inspire other people - as others had done the same for me. With that being said, I plan to cover a wide range of topics - from studying and working abroad to travelling and making new friends from around the world. Hope you'll enjoy my blog!

About the blogger

I'm an Indonesian native working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I was born in 1992 and grew up in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. In 2010, I fled from the crazy Jakarta's traffic and moved to Bandung, Indonesia where I pursued my Bachelor degree in Business and Management. Having felt that the knowledge I had was not enough, I decided to invest another year of my life for a Master degree in Marketing at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This beautiful canal city has become my home since 2014 and that's pretty much how I ended up here.

Fun Facts

  • I am food-motivated and I'm always up for trying new restaurant
  • I have love-hate relationship with writing
  • Swimming is the only sport that I like coz it doesn't make me sweat (obviously!)
  • I really like Panda and joining Panda volunteer program in China is one of my life goals
  • I have high interest in horoscope
  • I can watch the same movie over&over again but never get bored
  • I find British accent very sexy & I'd love to hear it everyday
  • I can't eat noodles and/or drink soda in the morning - due to my overly sensitive stomach
  • I always have a thing with violin & really enjoy watching orchestra
  • I love karaoke tho I don't have such a beautiful voice (but who cares?!)
  • I grow fonder binge-watching cheesy Korean drama (sorry!)