Hi, I’m Alifa!

About me – I was born in 1992 and grew up in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. In 2010, I fled from the crazy Jakarta’s traffic and moved to Bandung, Indonesia where I pursued my Bachelor degree in Business and Management. Having felt that the knowledge I had was not enough, I decided to invest another year of my life for a Master degree in Marketing at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This beautiful canal city has become my home since 2014 and that’s pretty much how I ended up here.

About the blog – I had always wanted to have my personal blog ever since I was in senior high school. I like the idea of documenting my experiences into writing and thus I can easily reflect and learn from the past. Besides, I also want this blog to be helpful for others. With that being said, I plan to cover a wide range of topics – from studying and working abroad to travelling and making new friends from around the world.

Fun Facts

  • I am food-motivated
  • I have love-hate relationship with writing
  • I really like Panda and joining Panda volunteer program in China is one of my life goals
  • I am crazy about social media
  • I have high interest in horoscope & I’m a Cancerian
  • I can watch the same movie over&over again but never get bored
  • I find British accent very sexy & I’d love to hear it everyday
  • I can’t eat noodles and/or drink soda in the morning – due to my overly sensitive stomach
  • I always have a thing with violin & really enjoy watching orchestra
  • I love karaoke
  • I grow fonder binge-watching cheesy Korean drama (sorry!)

Fancy a chat?

You can always send me an email to alifashabrina@gmail.com